This is part of the most comprehensive online stone care and maintenance teaching program. In this course you will learn the ins and outs of refinishing, polishing and honing marble, travertine and limestone floors.  

This is the most complete stone restoration class you will every take from your living room, phone, car, or on the job! This class is describes and demonstrates the refinishing of both Consistent and Variegated Marble, Travertine, and Limestone (MTL) to a hone(matted or satin) or polished finish.  

How the class is delivered:

You learn using a world class management system on any device from anywhere in the world. 

Contact us to discuss group rates. We can set up your entire company and you can monitor their progress. 

What is included:

We explain and demonstrate the location and placement of diamonds, machine movement, grit sequence, over-riding lippage (not removal), and the polishing methods necessary to achieve the best possible reflective clarity on either a consistent Crema Marfil or a variegated Emperador Brown. We even through a multi-colroed floor into the mix to provide as much value to the class as possible. 

Future Plans: Jump on now! when these modules are added the price will go up. Grandfather yourself in now!

  • We will be adding a more attractive consistent MTL module in the future that will allow us to demonstrate the service on a larger area.
  • We will be expanding our polishing section. Right now we have 5X, MB22, Crystallizer, and Polypads. Though these are staples, there are several other powders that can add value to your business.
  • A well executed lippage removal demonstration. These jobs are not as profitable as others but they do come up and you will need the knowledge. 

Your Instructors:

This class was designed, implemented, edited by Ted McFadden and Josh Huseby; part of the team that recently completed writing the first industry standard for the Marble Institute of America. These modules are narrated by Josh Huseby, an industry professional with many years of expertise.

Ted McFadden is one of the lead instructors at the popular Easy Stone Care class in Southern California with Cameron DeMille. While there is no substitute for the kind of instruction that you receive at the Easy Stone Care class, Stone Care Edu was designed to allow those who can't take the time to come to the class to learn from anywhere in the world. 

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    MTL - Consistent

    • MTL Consistent 220/400

    • MTL Consistent 800/1800

    • MTL Consistent Polish and Rinse

  • 3

    MTL - Variegated

    • MTL - Variegated 220/400

    • Variegated 800/1800/Polish/Rinse

  • 4

    MTL - Honed Finish

    • MTL - Honed Finish - Variegated

  • 5

    Project Highlights and Ideas

    • Demo Floor - 225 Square Feet from start to Finish - Variegated

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