This will get you full, unlimited access to all Stone Care Edu content for as long as you are a member. You can access all individual classes as well as the comprehensive master class. 

The individual, one off, classes are broken down by service type and surface and are self paced. 

The one off classes do not include quizzes and though you can accumulate all the content in the master class by taking each module individually in order to obtain a Stone Care Edu Accreditation you must complete the master class. 

What's different about the master class? It is structured similarly, in order, to the Easy Stone Care hands on class. We start with marble floors and move on from there. Each one off class is set up as a module in the master course. At the end of each module you will have to complete a test of your knowledge with a quiz. To move on to the next module you must obtain a passing score of 100%. Then at the end of the entire master class you will take a master course exam that will test the knowledge you gained throughout the entire course. 

At the end you will receive an official accreditation that you can use in your business marketing material. 

What else is included in the monthly subrscription:

- Access to pre-made, non-branded marketing materials such as care sheet leave behinds for your customers.